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Recent Progress of LiNbO3 Based Electrooptic Modulators with Non Return to Zero (NRZ) Coding in High Speed Photonic Networks

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Author Abd El–Naser A. Mohamed, Mohamed A. Metawe'e Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed, Amira M. Bendary
On Pages 55-63
Volume No. 1
Issue No. 2
Issue Date June 01, 2011
Publishing Date June 01, 2011
Keywords Integrated optoelectronics, Optoelectronic devices, Optical modulation, Optical planar waveguide, and NRZ coding.


High frequency and broad bandwidth technology development in photonic network applications is being driven by the need to quickly process and distribute large amounts of information. Due to the high cost, complexity, and performance limitations of electronic high frequency systems, hybrid electrical-optical or all-optical systems are necessary. Current off-theshelf optical components function well at frequencies below 20 GHz, but their performance begins to degrade quickly above 40 GHz. This performance degradation results primarily from limitations in the crystalline electrooptic materials currently used to fabricate optical components. Optical components and integrated optical devices that operate at high frequency and with high bandwidth are necessary for next generation applications such as high capacity optical networks, high speed microprocessors, and high frequency wireless communications. Therefore, this paper has proposed the recent progress of LiNbO3 based Electrooptic modulator devices in high speed photonic access communication networks. We have investigated the cut-off frequency, 3-dB bandwidth, modulation bandwidth, transmission bit rates and products within NRZ coding over wide range of the affecting parameters.  

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