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International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Research

The Enterprise Content Management can develop the Organizational Value through Knowledge Management

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Author Alessandro Zardini, Lapo Mola, Cecilia Rossignoli
On Pages 27-36
Volume No. 1
Issue No. 1
Issue Date May 01, 2011
Publishing Date May 01, 2011
Keywords Knowledge Management, Knowledge-Based View, Enterprise Content Management Systems, Multiview2


This study analyzes how Enterprise Content Management systems (ECMs), which manage enterprise knowledge directly correlated with learning in organizational memory, help generate such value by investigating the extent to which developing such technologies actually contributes to improving the efficacy and efficiency of the decision-making processes. For the analysis of the case study we used the action research method, and specifically Multiview2. Hence, a continuous interaction between analysts and method, including the present situation and the future scenario that originated by application of the methodology. The final effects of the reorganization process help reduce the time to market for the design, production, and sale of new products from 24 months to 18 months after the implementation. The ECM system thus optimizes information management in organizational memory, perfects the decision-making process, and improves company performance through competitiveness. Through empirical analyses, various authors have stressed that ECM systems increase efficiency and reduce management and research costs. Few studies consider the impacts of these tools on the organization or company processes. In particular, no research has highlighted the strategic role of the knowledge in “content” as a means to improve and speed up the decision-making process.  

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