International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Research

International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Research>> Call for Papers(CFP)>>Volume 2, Number 11, November 2012

International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Research

Vol. 2, No.11 November 2012

Table of Contents

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

Artificial Neural Networks for Iris Recognition System: Comparisons between Different Models, Architectures and Algorithms Abstract PDF
Omaima N. Ahmad AL-Allaf, Abdelfatah Aref Tamimi, Shahlla A. AbdAlKader 795-803
A Hybrid Method to Improve Forecasting Accuracy in the Case of Bread Abstract PDF
Hiromasa Takeyasu, Yuki Higuchi, Kazuhiro Takeyasu 804-812
Modeling and Analysis of WDM OPS Employing Tunable Converter Sharing under Self-Similar Variable Length Packet Traffic Abstract PDF
Sampath Kumar K, Malla Reddy Perati, T Adilakshmi 813-819
Skill development in Multimedia Based Learning Environment in Higher Education: An Operational Model Abstract PDF
M I Jawid Nazir, Aftab Haider Rizvi, Ramachandra V Pujeri 820-828
Integrating Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Technology as a Communication Tool on a Converged Network in Nigeria Abstract PDF
Osanaiye Opeyemi Ayokunle 829-837
Understanding Farmers Information Communication Strategies for Managing Climate Risks in Rural Semi-Arid Areas, Tanzania Abstract PDF
Ayubu J. Churi, Malongo R. S. Mlozi1, Siza D. Tumbo, Respickius Casmir 838-845
Cognitive Radio Networks with Best Relay Selection Method Abstract PDF
R.Ghallab , M. Shokair 846-849
Broadband Assessment Index: A Framework and Composite Metric for Measuring Broadband in Developing Countries Abstract PDF
Gilbert Barasa Mugeni 850-862
Using Machine Learning Algorithms for Categorizing Quranic Chapters by Major Phases of Prophet Mohammadís Messengership Abstract PDF
Mohamadou Nassourou 863-871
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