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Institutional Arrangement and Change Dynamics for Economic Development in an ICT Enabled Environment

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Author(s) Agnes Naliaka Mindila, Anthony J. Rodrigues, Dorothy McCormick, Ronald Waweru Mwangi
On Pages 149-158
Volume No. 3
Issue No. 4
Issue Date April, 2013
Publishing Date April, 2013
Keywords Institutional Arrangement, Institutional Change, Economic Development, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) and System Dynamics (SD).


The literature on development provides evidence of a continuous effort by economists to gain a deeper understanding of the theoretical relationship between institutions and the process of economic development. It is widely agreed by social scientists and economists that continual institutional change is important for development. Designers of institutional change put much effort in coming up with effective programs that guarantee positive institutional change. However this is only achievable if the underlying process of institutional change is understood. This paper makes a contribution towards this effort by bringing to understanding the structural, quantitative and operational representation of institutional arrangement and change which provides researchers and practitioners an opportunity to be able make interventions and enhance institutional change that brings about development. The paper presents a conceptual model for institutional arrangement and change. The paper further presents a system dynamic institutional arrangement and change model that exposes influence points where interventions can be made. The paper presents ICTs as interventions to enhance the institutional arrangement and change in a real world scenario.

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