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The Impact of Social Networking to Influence Marketing through Product Reviews

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Author(s) Faraz Farooq, Zohaib Jan
On Pages 627-637
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 8
Issue Date August, 2012
Publishing Date August, 2012
Keywords Marketing on Social Networks, Tagged Based Marketing.


Online Social networking websites are very popular and have become a part of life. These sites have made significant impact in the individualís life. When analyzing the usersí scope of social networking, it can be concluded that the modern social communities influence in individualís private life, whereas the traditional networking or social communities is more interrelated to business circle. This change has undoubtedly offered many firms an opportunity to target this new medium for marketing. In Pakistan, marketing on social networks is not taken seriously. There are some companies who have shown interest and have created their presence yet they are not focusing seriously. If this medium is explored intelligently then the social network medium has a potential to provide many new ways to market the audience with the help of registered users indirectly, without knowing them. Social Network (Facebook) has provided many tools for marketing purpose like groups, events, social ads. These all are widely used and entertaining the enterprise organizations by all means; however these all have some limitations. Tagged based marketing on the Facebook is a new concept inspired from the tag facility provided by Facebook. If this strategy is implemented then this would be helpful for organization in terms of targeting audience, developing trust of the product among consumer, increase clientele etc. This paper presents a survey based research from users and organizations for finding their views on the tagged based marketing on the social networking website (Facebook). The survey consists of two questionnaires each for user and organization. this survey helps in understanding the reason why the tagged based marketing is not successfully implanted in Pakistan, what are the barriers and what steps could be taken to make it effective for organizations.

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