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Pattern Emission by Nobelium Streams

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Author(s) SarathChand P.V, VenuMadhav K, Nagamani K, Jyotsna A, Benarji T
On Pages 157-159
Volume No. 1
Issue No. 4
Issue Date August 01, 2011
Publishing Date August 01, 2011
Keywords Entrepreneur, pattern matching, streams, buzzwords, integration methods, exponential methods, computational capabilities


The business requirements of an enterprise at a given time depend on the business requirements of the enterprise, the available technology at that time and also with the accumulated investments of the enterprise from the past technologies. Generally the business requirements of the business are constantly changing and the changes are at an exponential rate. The technology has advanced by delivering the exponential increase in the computational power and the communicational capabilities and the design of the data ware houses. The paper concentrates on the Enterprise Architecture thus far have displayed and the general inability to gracefully evolve the line with the business requirements and without compromising the prior technologies, investments and seriously the limiting factors of the organization to evolve further. The handling features of data retrieval methods are compromising the development mechanisms in the database systems and with many new applications. The paper illustrates the new knowledge discovery techniques. The paper mainly concentrates on the new buzzwords, new methodologies and evaluate the new tools which maintains the ties with technology partners. Now-a-days the data bases must first shift to the puzzle technology to find the pieces that meet the needs of the business enterprise then integrate the new pieces with the existing ones to form a coherent whole. The paper is mainly concentrates on the recognition of data retrieval methods in the form of patterns by using the existing technologies. The pattern emission is performed by a flow of data at a time which are streams. The data is retrieved in the form of streams so that un-necessary data can be avoided with the pattern matching and the methods of retrieval of data in a very fast and efficient manner.  

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