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Perceptions of Cell Phone Animations as an Educational Tool: A Case Study in Southeastern Nigeria

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Author(s) Julia Bello-Bravo, Rachel Nwakwasi, Tolulope A. Agunbiade, Barry R. Pittendrigh
On Pages 308-315
Volume No. 3
Issue No. 12
Issue Date December, 2013
Publishing Date December, 2013
Keywords Educational Animations, cell phones, education, southeastern Nigeria


This study was based on the use of scientific educational animations as a learning tool in three southeastern Nigerian villages. This study was conducted to understand the reception of some specific educational animations that can be watched on cell phones. We conducted a short survey regarding people’s perceptions of these animations, clarity of the animations’ messages, lessons learned based on remembering key elements from the animations and information usage. We also focused on other questions related to cell phones as a way of transmitting and deploying information. Our study revealed that all of the participants liked the animations and the vast majority of participants indicated that they could understand the basic content of the animations. Another aspect of the survey was the use of cell phones as a mode of communication and transmission of educational materials. The majority of the respondents recognized that cell phones can be used as a logical technology for transmitting the animations but they also suggested, in terms of social pathways, that the animations could be deployed through farmer field schools, women associations, churches and youths. In the population surveyed, this study indicates that although cell phones are communication devices, there was a positive perception regarding their use as an educational tool, in transmitting and sharing educational materials.

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