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Assessing the Contributions of Women Co-Operatives and Non- Co-Operative Women Associations in Development of Abia Central, Abia State, Nigeria

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Author(s) Leo, O. Obinna, Apu. U
On Pages 15-20
Volume No. 4
Issue No. 1
Issue Date January, 2014
Publishing Date January, 2014
Keywords Women Cooperatives, Non- cooperative Women Associations, Rural Development and Abia State.


The contributions of Women Co-operatives (WC) in agricultural and rural development and that of the Non- co-operative Women Associations (NWA) in Abia Central Senatorial Zone of Abia State were compared. A sample size of 360 respondents, comprising 180 WC and 180 NWA was selected using multi – stage sampling method. Data generated were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Results showed that WC and NWA members played divergent but complementary roles in rural development. For instance, 94.4, 88.9, 83.3, and 77.8 % of members of WC identified agro- processing, thrift and loans, members’ welfare and trading, respectively as their major areas of concentration. On the contrary, 100.0, 99.4, 88.9, 83.3, and 66.7 % of the members of NWA devoted their activities on members’ welfare, community sanitation services, religious activities, skill acquisition, entertainment, construction of civic centres, family planning and adjudication of cases, respectively. The results, therefore, showed that the WC contributed more than the NWA in agricultural development with a Z- value of 12.6080*** and the NWA contributed more than WC in other areas of rural development with a Z – value of 13.3256***. The study recommended that the WC and NWA are catalysts in community development. They should be recognized and encouraged by Governments at different levels to ensure sustainable rural development of Abia state.

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