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Current Status of E-Health in Kenya and Emerging Global Research Trends

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Author(s) Kilwake Juma, Matoke Nahason, Waliaro Apollo, Wanyembi Gregory, Ogao Patrick
On Pages 50-54
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 1
Issue Date January 01, 2012
Publishing Date January 01, 2012
Keywords e-Health; interoperability; e-Health policies and strategies; research trends; infrastructure; adoption; standards


Healthcare delivery is being transformed by advances in e-Health which is now recognized as an essential enabler for support of health systems across the world, acting not only as an agent for reforming healthcare systems, but also as an enabling tool to share resources among countries with similar challenges without having to duplicate efforts. Lack of interoperable health systems and consensus on data standards is one of the major barriers to the use of health information. Mobile phone use has seen tremendous growth across the developing world offering opportunities to engage e-Health applications. This paper looks at the status of e-Health in Kenya exploring the efforts the government has put in place to create a conducive environment for e-Health and also explores the global research trends in e-Health. The study is carried out through an examination of scientific research papers in journals and conference proceedings. Additionally, telephone interviews with the Ministries of Health, and Public Health and Sanitation is carried out to gauge the level of adoption. The study seems to reveal that though e-Health in Kenya is still in its infancy, the potential for its growth is enormous. This is fuelled by the rapid penetration of mobile phone use, an educated and entrepreneurial populace, and conducive legal, regulatory, and infrastructural environments.

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