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International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Research

The Need for Strategic Planning Toward Adopting Cloud Computing in Higher Education

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Author(s) Samir Tout
On Pages 255-263
Volume No. 4
Issue No. 7
Issue Date July, 2014
Publishing Date July, 2014
Keywords Cloud Computing, Higher Education, Strategic Planning, Roadmap, Information Assurance, Security, Software as a Service (SaaS).


In the July 2011 issue of this journal, I published an article that addressed the benefits as well as challenges that relate to the adoption of Cloud computing (CC) in the Eastern Michigan University (EMU) Information Assurance (IA) program. In that paper, I presented a roadmap for making that transition, which I had been trying to formulate, with valuable input from several colleagues at EMU. To complete such an arduous task, I went back to a set of the key courses in our program and evaluated the benefits that each of them can reap from transitioning IA into a cloud-supported infrastructure. After roughly three years of evaluation and validation of that roadmap, which was largely based on a quantitative assessment, this paper illustrates other important factors that we have explored, from a qualitative perspective. The hope is that other institutions currently in the process of, or even contemplating such a transition, can benefit from them. This paper will also include some refinements to the original proposal, based on certain developments that have re-shaped the industry since that publication. It culminates in a proposal for pursuing a cloud computing specific strategic plan that would align with the university-wide plan that is currently being developed.

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