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International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Research

The Issue of Technology Implementation in the Classrooms in Iraqi Universities

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Author(s) Razak W. Abedalla
On Pages 280-283
Volume No. 4
Issue No. 7
Issue Date July, 2014
Publishing Date July, 2014
Keywords Iraqi Education; Internet; Information Technology; Technology Implementation


In recent years, information technology (IT) has become one of the most important cultural practices for the Iraqi society. The technology industry has experienced tremendous growth and development over the last ten years in Iraq. During Saddam Husseinís administration, the use of technology was limited for the Iraqis. After the 2003 war, there was a boom to use all type of IT in communication among the Iraqi citizens. However, the problem is that the use of Internet and computer technology is still not implemented in each classroom, in most if not all, in the Iraqi universities. This study attempts to answer the following research question: why the technology is not implemented yet in the classroom settings in the Iraqi universities? The aim of this case study is to identify the challenges that face the Iraqi government and universities administrations from implementing the computer technology in each classroom. To examine the research problem, the researcher examined the country case and also shared his lived experience of the use of technology as a tool for facilitating instruction while he was teaching in Iraq. The results indicate that the countryís current educational and telecommunications infrastructure is weak and the government needs to build the infrastructure capacity of schools, and also to improve teacher training pro¨grams at all levels.

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