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Detection and Quantification of Brain Tumor from MRI of Brain and itís Symmetric Analysis

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Author(s) Sudipta Roy, Samir K. Bandyopadhyay
On Pages 477-483
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 6
Issue Date June, 2012
Publishing Date June, 2012
Keywords MRI image, Segmentation, Tumor detection, Morphological analysis, Symmetry analysis.


In this work a fully automatic algorithm to detect brain tumors by using symmetry analysis is proposed. Here we detect the tumor, segment the tumor and calculate the area of the tumor. The quantitative analysis of MRI brain tumor allows obtaining useful key indicators of disease progression. The complex problem of segmenting tumor in MRI can be successfully addressed by considering modular and multi-step approaches mimicking the human visual inspection process. The tumor detection is often an essential preliminary phase to solve the segmentation problem successfully. The experiments showed good results also in complex situations. Segmentation of images embraces a significant position in the region of image processing. It becomes more and more significant while normally dealing with medical images; magnetic resonance (MR) imaging suggest more perfect information for medical examination than that of other medical images such as ultrasonic , CT images and X-ray. Tumor segmentation and area calculation from MRI data is an essential but fatigue, boring and time unbearable task when it completed manually by medical professional when evaluate with present dayís high speed computing machines which facilitate us to visual study the area and position of unnecessary tissues.

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