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International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Research

Methodology and Framework to Construct and Integrate Digital Habitat Ecosystem Architecture

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Author(s) Kamatchi Pillai, Horace King, Cagil Ozansoy, Nalin Sharda
On Pages 276-284
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 3
Issue Date March, 2012
Publishing Date March, 2012
Keywords Digital Ecosystem, Sustainability, Wireless Technologies, Multimedia, Methodology, Framework, Web services.


The Digital Ecosystem (DE) concept is a new emerging paradigm based on self-organizing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) nodes and links. A DE comprises digital devices also referred to as the Interdependent Digital Species (IDS). We extend the DE idea to that of a Digital Habitat Ecosystem Architecture (DHEA) where a DHEA is a DE used in built up environments. Although the DE concept was introduced some years ago for business enterprises, it does not have a formal development methodology. In this paper, we propose a methodology and a framework to create DHEA’s. The methodology will discuss the knowledge of sharing, integration and collaboration of existing digital devices which can be incorporated in one dynamic system. Furthermore, it will give the brief idea to develop a framework for the development of the DHEA. This methodology and framework proposes a pathway to develop a dynamic model that can monitor and control existing wireless devices available in the home environment, instead of using separate static devices. The dynamic model is to incorporate all the basic and advanced requirements. Additionally, this dynamic DHEA will identify the shortcomings of data communication and networking challenges in Digital Species (DS) and propose solutions to overcome those issues.

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