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Does the Back Ground of Gaza Secondary School Webmasters affect the quality of School Websites?

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Author(s) Hassan M.M. Abuhassna , Shaffe Mohd Daud
On Pages 98-103
Volume No. 4
Issue No. 3
Issue Date March, 2014
Publishing Date March, 2014
Keywords School website management, Distance learning, website quality.


School Webmastersmainduty is to understand the school website needs. Marcus (2000)Their focuses is to help schools provide their communities and constituents with timely and informative websites, Developing the functional architecture, implement intuitive navigation, write professional content, and design a custom website that reflects the school style and brand.(Hasley, 2010).Accordingly, a school website serves as an effective platform on which to publicize activities implemented for students, teachers, and other interested parties within the academe (Zaharim, 2000). An excellent school website can be built through cooperation between the school administrator and the webmaster; such cooperation facilitates the effective communication of information to students and other visitors of the website (Jurkowski, 2003).This study aims to describe the effect of the School Websites back ground of websites maintained by 40 secondary schools in the Gaza (Palestine) region. This study employs a descriptive survey that uses questionnaires that cover aspects of quality in the construction of a school website. The questionnaires are distributed to webmasters in secondary schools in Gaza through e-mail or post (for school websites that do not disclose their e-mail addresses). The websites used in this study are only those accessible to the public. All findings are collected and summarized to clearly describe the quality of the websites of Gaza schools.

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