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The Role of Wireless Technologies in taking Education to Rural Villages in Developing Countries

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Author(s) Franklin Wabwoba, Kelvin K. Omieno, Carolyne N. Simiyu, Zipporah W. Sisungo
On Pages 300-305
Volume No. 1
Issue No. 7
Issue Date November 01, 2011
Publishing Date November 01, 2011
Keywords Developing nations, Education for all, Quality education, Rural settings, Wireless technology, Wireless utilisation framework


The development of wireless technologies has generated a considerable amount of excitement among practitioners and academics because it results in shifting the academic environment from traditional classroom restricted setting to open schools. The use of wireless technologies may be very important in provision of improved quality education for rural parts of the developing nations that lack a number of necessary facilities. The study conducted a survey among teachers in primary schools with specific focus on the challenges of the conventional classroom setting in rural Kenya. From the findings of the study a framework of utilization of wireless technologies is proposed to help overcome some of the challenges. The paper highlights the possibilities and potentials of the wireless technologies for various functions in the rural schools through the use of short message service (SMS), podcasting, video and mobile Web services among other approaches. The paper aims at providing a reference point for decision-makers, planners, teachers and administrators of developing nations to guide them to the world of wireless technologies.  

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