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Controlling and securing a Digital Home using Multiple Sensor Based Perception system Integrated with Mobile and Voice technology

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Author(s) Avishek Ahmed, Tanvir Ahmed, Md. Samawat Ullah, Md. Manirul Islam
On Pages 189-196
Volume No. 1
Issue No. 5
Issue Date September 01, 2011
Publishing Date September 01, 2011
Keywords Digital Home System; DHS; Web desktop; IR-Security; Virtual Mobile; Remote Surveillance; Remote video Surveillance; Electronic Device Controller; Device Communicator; Interactive Home; Smart Home; Digital Home Introduction.


Fully controlled digital home had always been considered as a luxury of rich people because of excessive cost to install the system. It is now within the reach of mass people with lots of inexpensive cool features. In this paper we have designed and developed a very low cost, efficient and reliable Digital home system. Fully Controlled Digital Home is no more a Luxury. Our proposed system made it affordable. We built a low-cost feature-rich Digital Home System (DHS). Digital Home System is combination of automated services i.e. Electronic Device Controller, IR Security System, Web Desktop, Remote Video Surveillance System and Virtual Mobile by which we can control our home by avoiding old manual processes e.g. our physical presence at home is optional. The System provides some of the modern luxury & security features to us. Now we can control Light or fan or AC or any electronic devices in home by voice command, Blue-tooth, GPRS or Website. To control the system remotely, GPRS connectivity is added. We can also monitor our home from remote area by using Remote Video Surveillance System. For example if we are outside of home but we want to see what is happening in your home you can easily login to system and watch the live video of your home in our mobile device. Moreover, we can also access our PC and do the necessary tasks from any internet enabled computer in the world by using Web Desktop which is specially built for this purpose. Furthermore, if any unauthorized person wants to enter in our home the IR-Security System will inform us by sending SMS & store the image of that unauthorized person in our computer for further action and also generate a voice alarm ”Someone in the room”. So that ensures the security of our valuable things. Also we can identify and monitor the location of our valuable assets e.g. precious metals remotely. Finally, Virtual mobile application is a Universal mobile Driver by which we can exactly perform some same task e.g. Remote call, Phone book access, SMS read-write of our mobile device from our new invented computer’s virtual mobile. Water tank controller, automated entrance/exit gate, remote TV connection is also added in our digital home system.  

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