Outstanding features of Beast TV

Excellent value for money and a huge range of programme genres and channels are what make Beast TV an exciting option to choose when looking at new subscription deals. Beast TV can be subscribed to either for a one off payment or monthly charge. The monthly price is considerably cheaper than any similar packages from the likes of Sky and Virgin Media. This is partly due to the excellent value for money which comes with a monthly subscription. Whether it’s the variety of channels available at an affordable price or the value added features which make subscription so appealing to so many viewers, Beast TV delivers everything that viewers could ask for at an excellent price.

Various content

Beast TV provides excellent value for money in that it allows you to stream a huge selection of channels live and on demand. You might want to try Beast TV alternatives which helps you to watch free IPTV from home without having to subscribe to a television package. It also not only streams Live channels, but also has the flexibility of a video on demand if you’ve subscribed to the plan to watch channels live.

High resolution on all the channels

One of the standout features of the service is HD Quality Video. With the HD quality picture clarity, this is a clear advantage over similar services which offer standard definition channels. While a standard definition dish network like Sky offers around sixty channels, a high definition television like Beast TV offers more than a thousand channels. As such, those looking for excellent TV channels will find plenty to keep them entertained, as the wide selection includes not only popular channels like Comedy Centrals, Family TV and Top Gear, but also exclusive sports channels from around the world. Subscribers are able to access a huge variety of channels through the pay per view option. The perfect player for any home entertainment system. The premium version of this service also offers HD sound quality for even better picture clarity.

Premium channels

Those who are looking for premium channels to add to their video game console, digital video recorder, or other portable devices will find a lot to choose from with this service. There are a total of seventy-two channels available through the service including a great deal of movie channels. However, subscribers must buy a HD box or receive a subscription to the service in order to watch HD channels. As previously stated, some devices are capable of accessing HD content without the subscription.


Subscribers must also purchase HD channels through the subscription in order to watch these channels and be considered a HD customer. Those who subscribe to the premium sports packages will get access to more channels. This is possible because the HD channels carry a different type of licensing than regular channels. HD channels carry more limited licenses than regular channels do and are only offered in HD for a specific period of time. There are no plans for any additional HD sets with Beast TV.


Customers looking to streamline their current television viewing experience by adding a high definition player can take advantage of the incredible features of the Beast TV. The best part about the Beast TV is that it is compatible with many devices including computers, smartphones, tablets, and more. When you purchase the Beast TV, you will also gain access to the special ” Beasts” Channel which provides history on all your favorite TV shows and movies.