Expedite TV is an innovative web-based IPTV solution provider. Unlike conventional cable television, Expedite TV uses the internet to bring television content to its various subscribers. Expedite TV provides access to live TV on demand, on-demand video on demand, all-time favorites, national and international channels and much more. It is entirely compatible with all types of operating systems. The best part about Expedite TV is that it offers a one-time fee, and you never have to pay monthly bills.

Some unique features

Channel package

If you are looking for a way to make your high definition television viewing experience all the more enjoyable, then Expedite TV can definitely help you out. Expedite TV offers a variety of channels with more content being added regularly to complement their immense popularity. It offers a mixture of exclusive sports subscriptions, movie channels, comedy channels, cartoons, adult channels, kids TV channels, news, reality shows and cartoons, as well as a host of other related programs and premium channels.


When you sign up for the service of your choice, there are many options available to you in terms of channel compatibility and support. You can either choose to subscribe to the entire service or to a specific package of programs that you require. Depending on your choice and requirements, you can either subscribe to your favorite channels individually or have them bundled with each other in a’special packages’.

Preferential price

With various attractive price packages, it is easy to get satisfied with the services of Expedite TV. Prices start from as low as $8.50 per month and you get plenty of bandwidth. Some of their subscription plans include a lot more. For example, their ‘power price’ is their cheapest price tag and gives you enough bandwidth to view your favorite channels flawlessly at home and on the road.

VPN is supported

One of the most popular services of Expedite TV is its VPN (Virtual Private Server). You can easily connect to your home network, using your existing login details and username and password. This makes it easier to access your favorite TV channels from any place around the world. The result is that you can watch live TV from the comfort of your home or anywhere as long as there is a connection to the internet. You can also watch videos on other gadgets like ipads, smart phones, tablets and laptops. The great thing about the VPN technology is that you can access your favorite channels without interruption.

High quality channel

In addition to their fantastic international channels, Expedite TV has expanded its offerings beyond international shores. They also provide a number of exclusive channels in English, including popular channels like CCTV China and ITV’s Great British TV. The channel selection is truly outstanding, and you will be entertained by a variety of high-definition channels. In addition, you can access pay per view movies on your PC, Apple device or smart phone. You can also sign up for Expedite TV membership packages to enjoy even more premium features, such as On Deck Box, HD Movies and High Definition Television. As an extra, the latest subscription plans even allow you to experience premium on demand movies on your Apple iPad, Nintendo Wii, Xbox and other video game consoles.

Suscription plans

If you are looking for a great deal on your Expedite TV subscription, you can try out the two different plans offered by the company. The basic plan offers only its channels in English, while the premium iptv package adds a selection of international channels, including the popular Chinese television network CCTV China. As for the prices, the basic subscription plan costs $4.99 per month and the premium service plan costs $7.99 per month. With either plan, you will be able to enjoy hundreds of channels, as well as access to pay per view movies and live sports subscriptions.


The great thing about the internet is that there are no contracts to get signed up with. That means that if you change your mind after the trial period has expired, you do not have to pay additional fees to cancel. For parents with small children, this is especially important. You can watch their video favorites without worrying about being bothered by nannies or other relatives who might be watching the show at the same time. For all of these reasons and more, it is easy to see why Expedia is the preferred travel website for people who want to find out more about traveling and booking flights.

You can register to test the service: https://expeditetv.org/