KEMO IPTV is simply one of the most popular IPTV solutions that have come as a boon for leading cable TV providers by providing some outstanding features and advantages. It provides more than 15000 HD channels, movies, television programs, TV shows, sports, music, international music channels, and so many others. It’s available on all major smart phones and net platforms that you could ever name. And with a reasonable price tag, it’s very hard to ignore the fact that this is certainly the next level of entertainment and communication for everyone.

Outstanding advantages of Kemo IPTV

High quality image

One of the unique features of KEMO it is the High Definition Television broadcasts. This is a great addition as watching high definition TV is not something everyone gets to experience. As you would have noticed with high definition television, the picture gets so clear and vibrant; you’ll find yourself glued to the TV for hours on end. It is definitely a lot more realistic and lifelike to be watching live broadcast in HD and with the right high speed internet connection; you’ll be sure to appreciate it to the fullest.


Another great thing about KEMO its service is its flexibility. You can easily switch from using your high speed internet connection to your regular dial up connection. This gives you the liberty to switch on and off your favourite shows whenever you want to. You can even use your external video player with your KEMO its system, if you happen to have one. And if you don’t, then you will surely find an excellent external player in the market with attractive and handy features that would fit your needs perfectly.

Various content

KEMO it gives you a lot of options in terms of viewing options. There are many channels to choose from; not to mention the HD quality videos and high definition channels that are available for all TV viewers. What’s more, streaming is also an option with many options including streaming live TV, recording your favorite shows to watch them at another time, or simply saving them to watch at another time. The system also allows you to control your DVR record and play episodes of your favorite shows whenever you want.

Plans on demand

With KEMO IPTV, there are no monthly bills to pay because the system works on a subscription plan. For a one time payment, you get complete access to all live channels available in your region. However, there are different subscription plans available depending on how much you want to watch. The basic plan offers you just over two hundred channels and costs only $20 per month. On the other hand, the premium plan offers you over three hundred channels and costs more than ten dollars per month. The higher priced subscriptions include HD channels, but the rest of the channels remain the same.


To enjoy the benefits of KEMO IPTV, you need to download the free iptv starter software and set up your first Kemono unit. Once your software is installed, you will be able to access all your channels and record any show you want. This application also comes with a channel viewer and a video recorder. Using this software, you can easily record your favorite shows that you have missed and save them to your computer. You can even watch replays of your favorite episodes. All you need to do is to click add channel and follow the instructions given by the iptv smarter program to register and create your own username and password.