Top Dog IPTV services through its channel packages. The service offers great IPTV streaming over the Internet. In addition to that, it also offers live sports, movie screenings, and a lot more other features which make it an incredible TV viewing service. But, for those who are not keen on watching TV shows over the internet or don’t want to spend so much on it, they can avail of their other channels and programs which can be found in their other packages. However, if you’re looking for great TV shows and other premium features with an affordable price, then you should consider choosing their other packages.

The features makes Topdog outstanding

Package on demand of users

Like most other IPTV providers, Top Dog offers two basic packages which are A and B. With A package, you get access to A/V content including digital pay per view and On Demand. However, with A package, you only get digital programming. If you’re a sports fan, then you may like to choose A package. With this package, you’ll be able to watch live games on your television – but you can only watch during game events.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive package, then you should consider the B package. With the B package, you get access to C and D channels as well as other features. The major difference between A and B packages is that the latter offer more HD channels. In addition, the channels in packages are usually restricted while those in B packages are unlimited. However, with both options, the compatibility of devices such as laptops and desktops is not guaranteed.

Moreover, With the channels offered by the Top Dog it, you get the chance to watch all the channels that your satellite provider offers. For instance, if you want to watch the English Premier Series, you will be able to do so with this service. Moreover, you will find all the popular channels like The Poker Channel, Extreme Sports TV, and The Discovery Channel among others.


The Top Dog it offers great compatibility. The service works great on all kinds of computers such as desktops and laptops. The device also works perfectly on iPhone and iPad devices. With this compatibility, you get the chance to enjoy the channel lineup wherever you go. The most basic version of the service offers four digital channels, but the advanced version adds additional channels such as High Definition (HD), News, Weather, and Sports channels.

Tenical support

One of the most important things you should know about the Top Dog it is its high level of technical support. With the help of a remote control, you can connect the Top Dog it to your television. From there, you can search and add channels using the channel’s search function. The remote also provides you with in-depth information on the various features of the service. To add channels, you can use the channel builder feature and the on-screen guide.


The company also provides its subscribers with detailed information on the different types of boxes used to receive the service. For instance, the receiver comes in different types such as analog (through antenna) and digital. The receivers also come in different colors and are available in white, black or color combination. In addition, you will get detailed information on the compatibility of the Top Dog it with your satellite dish. The service works well with Dish Network, HughesNet, and WildBlue. If you switch from one provider to another, you will not experience any glitches.